Nothing happened— so are we still friends?

Recent events started making Gilbert more and more grumpy. He even had to attend classes to get his mind off things. He didn’t fail in p.e. but he could hardly care less about that right now. He lost a good companion, frenemies they may be, Gilbird actually liked the italian. Gilbert wholeheartedly agrees. He found himself going over what had recently happened, and eventually, desperation and the urge to see the Lovino gave him an idea. Didn’t he invite him over before? Plus… Ack, not trying would kill him so he’ll do it anyway. Heading to town as soon as his classes ended, he went to his favorite¬†confectionery¬†store and bought all sorts of food. He figured the two needed some sort of comfort food. He headed back, noticing it was already getting dark. A friday night was the perfect excuse to barge in someone/s place.

He headed back to his room, removed his xbox, a couple and two controllers from the small television, and placed them in a separate bag along with some games. Equipped with a backpack and a brown paper bag, Gilbert traced his steps to Lovino’s dorm, thankful Gilbird was on his shoulder, as if sensing the odd air between the two. "Vino." He knocked quickly and tried opening the door, grateful it was open so he can still go in even if the italian refused to see him tonight.¬†”Yo.” He said casually, a huge lollipop on his mouth.